Gas Inserts

Gas Fireplace Inserts For Sale in Webster, WI. We carry Kozy Heat, Hearthstone, Quadra-Fire, and Heat & Glo Gas Fireplace Inserts.

Explore the variety of gas inserts to find one that fits your needs!

Gas insert tip:  Measure the length, width, height, and depth of your firebox to determine what size insert will fit.   (It is recommended to measure the back of the firebox along with the front as some fireboxes are tapered.)   

Here at Copycat we always come to your home for a free inspection and estimate prior to any insert purchase, so if you do not feel comfortable measuring yourself – leave it to us! *

Gas Inserts       Gas Inserts    Gas Inserts

Gas Inserts



 * In rare occasions, for extreme distances,  a travel fee may be assessed for in-home inspections.  Customers are always notified prior to any action that would incur such charges.  The travel fee will be reimbursed towards the invoice if the customer purchases a unit from Copycat.